Rolex Watch Thief

Man runs out with Most Expensive Rolex Watch in Store!

A Rolex Watch Thief Stole the Most Expensive Rolex Watch in Store

CCTV footage of Rolex thief

Recently, a Rolex watch thief was caught on camera snatching the item from the store. The CCTV footage shows that the man in his 20’s wearing a light blue polo shirt and beige colored pants arrived at 6:15 , August 8, 2014.

Rolex Thief

According to the store manager, Lynn James,

the man asked her their best selling watch in the store and said he was looking for a gift to give his father on his birthday.

Rolex Deepsea Sea Dweller thief


The brazen thief, wearing sunglasses, asked to try on the Rolex

When she showed him the Rolex Sea-Dweller watch, he tries it on, and when she tries to get something on a nearby shelf, the man fled with their most expensive watch.

Now the store is offering a $1000 reward to catch the Rolex watch thief. They are also adding a security staff to prevent such incident. The CCTV footage helped a lot to know the identity of the man. Authorities are now searching for this culprit.
This year, there have been hundreds of cases involving watch stealing. The major case recorded happened in Illinois few months ago where a man was stabbed and the suspect stole his jewelries including his Rolex Sea Dweller watch.

Authorities advised people that when a thief tries to get their things, they should give it instead no matter how expensive they are. It is better than to exchange your life with it.
According to Lynn James, she will recognize the face of that man if she saw him again. She tries to run after him but the man was too fast. It seems that he already knows what he’s doing.
Jewelry stores nowadays, particularly those that sell expensive items including Rolex watches should have a tight security. This safeguards them as well as their store. Having a CCTV is a must. It is the best tool to monitor all the people that enter and exit the store.

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