Clean Rolex Watch

How to Clean a Rolex

Give your luxury timepiece the proper care, and it will keep ticking for a long time. Follow these steps to thoroughly clean a Rolex.
Things You’ll Need

Soapy water solution
Soft brush
Clean towels


1. Check the crown stem and crown. Screw them tight, if necessary. The gaskets that seal these movable external parts keep moisture out of the delicate works inside the watch case. Do not over-tighten the screws and crown, but make sure they form their seal.

2. Prepare a warm soapy water solution. Avoid harsh chemicals when you clean a Rolex. A bit of jewelry cleaner in the soap solution can help dislodge serious grime.

3. Dip a soft brush, such as a child’s toothbrush, into the solution and begin brushing the face and the bezel of the Rolex. If your watch has diamond accents, the jewelry cleaner in the mix helps make the stones sparkle. Use a gentle touch, paying attention to the backside of the watch that lies against your wrist. Brush away perspiration and grime trapped on the grooves of this surface. Rinse your brush frequently under clean running water.

4. Brush the bracelet of the watch with the soapy solution. The movable links of the bracelet are the major areas that trap dirt and body grime. Rotate each link as far as it will go both ways while brushing to expose hidden dirt when the bracelet links are at rest. Gently tap the bracelet against a clean dry cloth to remove the dirty solution and excess water. Continue brushing and moving the bracelet links until the solution dabbed from the Rolex is clean.

5. Lift the clasp. Dirt and lint love to hide behind the double-hinged clasp on the bracelet. Move the hinged portion both ways as you brush with the soapy solution to uncover all areas under the clasp. Dab and tap the watch gently against the clean cloth to remove the cleaning solution. Continue brushing until the solution removed is clear
Dry the Rolex with a lint-free, soft cloth.

Tips & Warnings

Never attempt to polish the bracelet or crown with abrasives or other cleaners. Only a licensed Rolex service center performs this type of service.
If you notice condensation under the crystal of the watch, take it in for repair immediately.

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