Adriana Lima Rolex

Adriana Lima and Rolex Day-Date President Watch

Adriana Lima and Rolex Day-Date President Watch

What Made the Brazilian Supermodel Wear this Timeless Beauty?


Check out Brazilian actress and supermodel Adriana Lima’s wristwatch. It’s none other than the Rolex Day-Date President Watch from Rolex! Adriana joins the list of Rolex Girls that, so far, includes Sofia Vergara, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Garner. But what made her wear the Rolex watch?

Day-Date President Watch – Class and Style Packed in One

There’s no other timepiece that emanates success, sophistication and class like the Day-Date President Watch. First designed and given to Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th US President and World War II General, the ultimate luxury watch boasts the exclusive President bracelet that has been found on the wrists of dignitaries and luminaries worldwide, including the successors of Eisenhower.
The Rolex watch was the first timepiece to display both the day and the date in its entirety. Using only the best precious stones and precious metals, the watch is offered completely in solid 18k rose gold, 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold and platinum.

Day-Date President

Most of the Day-Date President models are available in pink gold, white gold, platinum and gold.

Rolex Day-Date President

Timeless Beauty

When the Rolex Day-Date President was first introduced, it featured the Presidential Bracelet. Thus, it can be said that the timepiece was named after this bracelet. Most of the Day-Date President models are available in pink gold, white gold, platinum and gold.
In 2000, the oyster bracelet option with white, red and yellow gold metals was introduced. The watch has a diameter of about 36mm that’s slightly smaller than the other modern models of Rolex watches present in the market today.

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A Classic Experience in the Modern World

Introduced in 1956, the Rolex Day-Date President timepiece exudes a classic style statement in an astounding manner. With refined and shining links, the most unique aspect that completes the watch is the Presidential bracelet attached to the wristlet.
Taking the place of being among the greatest models under the company flagship, the Day-Date President watch has always been a highly desired timepiece among watch enthusiasts and collectors from various parts of the world.
The watch is available in only 2 versions – gold and platinum. Elegantly designed in a subtle yet stylish manner, the Day-Date President’s crafting places the watch in the classical and refined timepieces category. The wristlet is perfect for any formal occasion with its exquisite making that will surely lure onlookers at a glance. Mainly designed as a dress collection, the wristlet’s size is smaller than the sports model available in the market. The Day-Date President’s dazzling bezel also makes it shine when brought in contact with light.

Featuring a Rolex Quickset, an automatic winding technology and a perfect 31 jewel movement, this timepiece keeps precise time. The Day-Date comes in various sizes, styles and models, giving everyone different options to pick from.
The Rolex Day-Date President is the most imitated and recognizable watch in the world, but that only makes the original even more timeless. So, it’s no wonder why Adriana Lima chose to adorn her wrist with this timepiece from Rolex. The watch not only speaks elegance and style, but also a rich history that made it where it is now.

 By DAVID  – G M E