Consignment – How it works!

If time is not of the essence, but you still wish to part with some valuables, Goldman Watch Exchange offers consignment. Our consignment services eliminate all your headaches in trying to personally sell a valuable. Time commitments, security issues, fraudulent payments are just a few of the challenges, one will confront in trying to sell personal property. Allow the professional staff at Goldman Watch Exchange to maneuver through these issues. The Goldman Watch Exchange’s reputation, location and the name “Goldman” instills an instant credibility that others simply cannot offer.

We will help you establish a price and immediately start marketing your items upon completion of our consignment agreement. Fees vary from 20-35% of the final sales price. In some cases clients prefer to just net a certain amount, which might allow for quicker sales. Goldman Watch Exchange will utilize many different marketing strategies to liquidate your items. Timeframes can never be predicted, but it is very common for our clients to receive payment within 30 days.

Your Valuables Are Covered By Our Insurance. However Carrying Dual Insurance Is Never A Bad Idea.